Thermal and Mechanical Design

NordHeat provides thermal & mechanical design as a service.
We also manage complete projects and services:

  • Process and thermal design

  • Mechanical design

  • Installation and repairs

  • Thermal design with Aspentech EDR, the industry leading software

– 40 years of experience with thermal calculations
– Rapid response to your requests
– Scandinavian manufacturers
– Basis for the design is TEMA (Standards of Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association)


To assist you with thermal design you need to provide us the following:

– Medium (both shell and tube side): chemical composition,
– Temperature, in and out, both for design and operation
– Flow volume
– Pressure: for design & operation, necessary for gases and vapour
– Allowable pressure drop

Pressure vessel norms we work with

  •  Europe: PED
  •  American Standards: ASME

Designs are approved by third party when necessary.

We are constantly updated with the latest research and share knowledge with our manufacturers.