Welcome to NordHeat

Solutions for heat exchange!

We have been in the industry since the 70’s and contributed with heat exchange solutions for major economic and environmental gains in the process and manufacturing industry.


NordHeat dates back to when Stig Söderström in 1972 took over the company founded by his father Sten Söderström with the brandname  Stanex. The trade name was founded more than 25 years ago and have since delivered more than 15.000 heat exchangers. We are a well-known solutions provider since the 1970s in Scandinavia. We are owned by Kärrberg Konsult AB (VAT No SE-556679-509101).

Modern design of heat exchangers

Our model is to not lock in with particular manufacturers or solutions providers, but represent those brands and products who are in the technological forefront towards our long-time customers. Many satisfied customers continue to work with us since we started more than 40 years ago.

Our products

Nordheat provides tailormade process equipment: heat exchangers (shell & tube, plate, shell & plate, brazed), electric heaters, direct steam injectors, and other key equipment for your plant. We also represent Swedish products in foreign markets.

 In order to optimise your equipment we would like to know the following about your equipment:

  • Medium (both shell and tube side): chemical composition,
  • Temperature, in and out, both for design and operation
  • Flow volume
  • Pressure: for design and operation, necessary for gases and vapour
  • Allowable pressure drop

The more information we receive from you the better tailor-made design!


Example of deliveries 2018 include a spare tube bundle for a power station, and pickheaters for the pulp industry.
A sample of Nordheat customers are listed below:

Aalborg Industries AGA gas Ahlsell Alfa Laval Alfa Laval Danmark Alstom Power APE Industri Arctic Paper Arizona Chemical Assi Domän Sepap Billerud AB Birka Värme AB Borlänge Energi Cementa CP-Energi AB Eldab Energi AB Elfelagio SEV Eskiltuna Energi ETK Foster Wheeler Energia Frånö Industri AB GEAB Gislaved Folie AB Green Management AS Göteborg Energi AB Heat Con Heiza Mattil GmbH Helsingborg Energi UHl Karlshamns AB Karlskoga Energi Kemostål Pumpar AB Keyvent AB Kiruna Värme verk Kungsbacka Energi Q8 Petroleum Svenska Kvaerner Pulping AB Licenssvets Rör AB LKAB Luftfartsverket Lyksele Energi Manic AB Metso Paper AB Midroc Modo Paper Motor Service AB Munkdal AB Munkedals AB Munksjö lagamill Mählqvist Rör AB Mölndal Energi Nedflo AB Norbulk Shipping Uk Norske Potetindustrier Nortälje Energi NVS Värme Sana AB Nynäs AB Nynäs Petroleum Nynäs Rafining AB Pann Partner Peterson i Seffle AB Petrokraft PIC Engineering AB Poweron PPM Proserv Ramab Reci industri AB Rodoverken AB Rossing & Jansson AB Sandvik Materials Tech Sandvik Service Sandvik Steel AB SCA Packaging Scan Dust Scanraff Skanska S-man Stora Cell AB Stora Enso Stora Grycksbo AB Stålnacke Rör Svenska Statoil AB Säpet Oy Söder Energi Södra Tekniska Verken TeknoTrading Toftejong Tolloma Turbo Flame Utansjö Bruk AB Valmet Vattenfall VEÅ Vopak AB VVS-Montage Värmesvets Entreprenad Värnamo Energi Värö Bruk