Our products

Nordheat provides tailor-made products for the process industry: heat exchangers, electric heaters, direct steam injectors, and other key equipment for your plant. We also represent Swedish products in foreign markets. We offer you solutions for all of your needs related to heat transfer and process efficiencies.

We both design and deliver shell and tube heat exchangers. You can also contract us to for service, maintenance, and thermal calculations. Contact us for a preliminary or definitive review of your heat transfer challenges.

In order to optimise your equipment please provide the following information:

  • Medium (both shell and tube side): chemical composition,
  • Temperature, in and out, both for design and operation
  • Flow volume
  • Pressure: for design and operation, necessary for gases and vapour
  • Allowable pressure drop

The more information you provide – the better we can tailor the design

If you need help we also provide services in thermal and mechanical design.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Nordheat designs for all pressure and temperatures. The main advantages with shell & tube heat exchangers are the following:

  • High pressure
  • High temperature
  • Reliable

We provide complete process design or manufacture from customer drawings. Materials we provide range from carbon steel to stainless steels

Pick Heater Direct Steam Injectors

Nordheat / Karrberg Konsult represents PickHeater in Scandinavia since the 80s. Pick Direct Steam Injection Heating Systems can be used to heat any water miscible liquid or aqueous slurry instantly. It works in the following way:

  • The Pick system injects steam into the liquid through hundreds of small orifices in the injection tube.
  • Unique spring-loaded piston rises or falls in response to changes in steam flow.
  • This eliminates pressure equalization between steam and water pressures preventing steam hammer.

Applications include fresh mill water and white water showering and washing, green liquor heating, boiler feed water, liquid to liquid mixing.

Electric Preheater / Cartridge

Our electric preheater is one of the most common products in the Nordic market. It is being used for efficient electric preheating of various process media.


Other heat exchangers offered by Nordheat

Other heat exchangers offered by Nordheat include the following:

  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Brazed heat exchangers
  • Plate and shell heat exchanger