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Nordheat is a well-known solutions provider since the 1970s in Scandinavia. It is a trading name under Kärrberg Konsult AB (VAT No SE-556679-509101).
Let us design your system so you can fulfill the required pressure vessel regulation with maximum efficiency and return of investment.
Norhdeat is not locked in with particular manufacturers or solutions provider, but represent those brands and products who are in the technological forefront towards our long-time customers.
We offer you solutions for all of your needs related to heat transer and process efficiencies. We both design and deliver shell and tube heat exchangers. You can also contract us to for service, maintenance, and thermal calculations.
Software: Together with our partner Processdata AB we offer software simulation of your process in order to identify fouling and optimise the economy and equipment.
Contact us for a preliminary or definitive review of your heat transfer challenges. Many satisfied customers continue to work with us since we started more than 30 years ago (reference list).

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